Modeling Services

Modeling next-generation hardware architectures for performance analysis or pre-silicon software development has been a staple for many embedded and mobile device manufacturers for many years. We have extensive expertise at your disposal.

SoC Architecture

We have over 15 years experience on average in the area of SoC design and modeling. From pre-silicon software development platforms, performance analysis platforms to power analysis platforms. We have the expertise and experience to help with your modeling projects at a moments notice.


Microprocessor design is becoming increasingly competitive - Intel, ARM, RISC-V - these days. Branch Predictors, Cache design, Pipeline design and Out of Order execution. We have expertise in the development of performance models in various languages and environments.

SystemC and TLM

Along with developing models for specific proprietary IP, QodesyQ's expertise in SoC modeling has also involved development of custom simulation frameworks (C++) as well as TLM APIs long before SystemC TLM1 and TLM2 came along. However, if your needs require standards-based modeling (SystemC and TLM2), we are fluent there as well.

Regressions and Unit Testing

As with general purpose software development, regressions and unit-testing (when possible) are supremely important in the modeling world. We have experience with many different unit-testing frameworks compatible with modeling APIs. We also can aid in the development of a continuous integration regression environment for your model library.