Mobile Applications

Mobility is is quite literally everyone's business these days. If your product isn't mobile, neither is your company. We can help with your mobility concerns and ambitions of any size and on any device platform.

Rapid Prototyping

Using state of the art tools and processes, we can build a prototype of your application quickly, allowing you to test many ideas effectively.

Agile Processes

Just as today's market for mobile products is fast paced and ever changing, we employ agile methods in all of our projects. Sprints can be tailored to your business and project needs.

App Repositories

No need to worry about the details of submitting your app to Apple App Store and Google Play. We'll handle that for you.


Our team is fluent in most of the modern development frameworks from Angular to React. No need to worry about investing in a project that will be out-dated before it is finished.

Web and Cloud Services

The Cloud means different things to different people depending upon their needs. Many companies are building their own internally accessible cloud infrastructures as they migrate to a more mobile overall architecture. From the latest in container-based virtualization to modern micro-service based architectures, we can get you where you need to be.

Container Virtualization

Container virtualization and orchestration is a very hot topic these days. It is a beautiful evolution to virtual machines running complete operating systems. Growth of Docker and similar solutions in the last few years has been astonishing. QodesyQ has considerable experience - all cloud micr0-services developed at QodesyQ are deployed as containerized virtualization images.


We have extensive experience building new micro-service based back-end application platforms using frameworks such as Spring. We can help with a brand-new application or the migration of a legacy monolithic application to the new micro-service paradigm.


QodesyQ primarily builds cloud applications using the Spring framework. However, we are experienced in other NodeJS, python and Ruby based environments. The space is quickly progressing, but most frameworks are quite capable. We can not only help you build your next cloud application but also navigate all the options available today.


We can deploy your new micro-service backend within our data center, your data center or any cloud service provider such as AWS. We can also help you make that decision as well.

Traditional Native Application Development

The world is moving to more mobile and continuously available applications based in the cloud or on internal corporate servers. However, there are still many scenarios where traditional cross-platform native desktop applications are still king. Whether you need help maintaining an existing legacy application, or need a brand-new application developed, we can help.

Application Development

QodesyQ can help with new from-scratch proprietary develop projects of any size and complexity. We have experience in a wide variety of frameworks and languages including C++, Java and C#. We can also develop HTML5 applications that are compiled and deployed like traditional applications.


Today's software world is a fast paced environment. It can sometimes feel like as soon you decide to go one direction, another alternative is discovered that seems to make your decision of 3 months obsolete. We can help you navigate the relentless pace of innovation in the software world and provide expert project management guidance.


QodesyQ is a strong proponent of the Open Source community. Our team is fluent in many popular open source frameworks and can advise on selection for your particular project. We are also experts on a number of proprietary frameworks. We can help you decide which is best for you needs.


We understand that you may have invested a considerable amount of time and financial resources into the development of existing applications. We can help you decide whether a full rewrite is required to meet your new requirements, or refactoring and reusing existing code is the most prudent course of action.

Business Intelligence and Automation Services

There are many online services to help you build web sites in a flash. This has enabled many small businesses to establish a highly professional web presence quickly and easily. However, what about your business processes? Automation is the key to improving your productivity.

Wordpress Web Sites

QodesyQ has extensive experience building professional, high quality Wordpress-based web sites.  Off the shelf and custom themes. Single page product sites to complex multi-page sites.

Gravity Flow

If you run a wordpress web site, consider use of GravityFlow to help automate your back office business processes. QodesyQ has ued GravityFlow to automate simple and complex processes, from for submission processing to generation of legally binding contracts.

Wordpress Plugins

The Wordpress plugin eco-system is vast and impressive. However, sometimes, the need arises that warrants the development of a new custom plugin. QodesyQ has a long history of developing custom plugins. We can get it done, quickly and professionally. Our experience with developing for security will also give you confidence in our solutions.


We can deploy your new web site within our data center, your data center or any cloud service provider such as AWS. We can also help you make that decision as well.

Modeling Services

Modeling next-generation hardware architectures for performance analysis or pre-silicon software development has been a staple for many embedded and mobile device manufacturers for many years. We have extensive expertise at your disposal.

SoC Architecture

We have over 15 years experience on average in the area of SoC design and modeling. From pre-silicon software development platforms, performance analysis platforms to power analysis platforms. We have the expertise and experience to help with your modeling projects at a moments notice.


Microprocessor design is becoming increasingly competitive - Intel, ARM, RISC-V - these days. Branch Predictors, Cache design, Pipeline design and Out of Order execution. We have expertise in the development of performance models in various languages and environments.

SystemC and TLM

Along with developing models for specific proprietary IP, QodesyQ's expertise in SoC modeling has also involved development of custom simulation frameworks (C++) as well as TLM APIs long before SystemC TLM1 and TLM2 came along. However, if your needs require standards-based modeling (SystemC and TLM2), we are fluent there as well.

Regressions and Unit Testing

As with general purpose software development, regressions and unit-testing (when possible) are supremely important in the modeling world. We have experience with many different unit-testing frameworks compatible with modeling APIs. We also can aid in the development of a continuous integration regression environment for your model library.