Services – Desktop

Traditional Native Application Development

The world is moving to more mobile and continuously available applications based in the cloud or on internal corporate servers. However, there are still many scenarios where traditional cross-platform native desktop applications are still king. Whether you need help maintaining an existing legacy application, or need a brand-new application developed, we can help.

Application Development

QodesyQ can help with new from-scratch proprietary develop projects of any size and complexity. We have experience in a wide variety of frameworks and languages including C++, Java and C#. We can also develop HTML5 applications that are compiled and deployed like traditional applications.


Today’s software world is a fast paced environment. It can sometimes feel like as soon you decide to go one direction, another alternative is discovered that seems to make your decision of 3 months obsolete. We can help you navigate the relentless pace of innovation in the software world and provide expert project management guidance.


QodesyQ is a strong proponent of the Open Source community. Our team is fluent in many popular open source frameworks and can advise on selection for your particular project. We are also experts on a number of proprietary frameworks. We can help you decide which is best for you needs.


We understand that you may have invested a considerable amount of time and financial resources into the development of existing applications. We can help you decide whether a full rewrite is required to meet your new requirements, or refactoring and reusing existing code is the most prudent course of action.