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Web and Cloud Services

The Cloud means different things to different people depending upon their needs. Many companies are building their own internally accessible cloud infrastructures as they migrate to a more mobile overall architecture. From the latest in container-based virtualization to modern micro-service based architectures, we can get you where you need to be.

Container Virtualization

Container virtualization and orchestration is a very hot topic these days. It is a beautiful evolution to virtual machines running complete operating systems. Growth of Docker and similar solutions in the last few years has been astonishing. QodesyQ has considerable experience – all cloud micr0-services developed at QodesyQ are deployed as containerized virtualization images.


We have extensive experience building new micro-service based back-end application platforms using frameworks such as Spring. We can help with a brand-new application or the migration of a legacy monolithic application to the new micro-service paradigm.


QodesyQ primarily builds cloud applications using the Spring framework. However, we are experienced in other NodeJS, python and Ruby based environments. The space is quickly progressing, but most frameworks are quite capable. We can not only help you build your next cloud application but also navigate all the options available today.


We can deploy your new micro-service backend within our data center, your data center or any cloud service provider such as AWS. We can also help you make that decision as well.